Recipe Inspiration

Frozen Mango Fat Burning Smoothie

1/2 cup


Spinach is one of the powerhouse greens, and it hides beautifully in smoothies.

Health Benefits Of mango

Mangoes have been linked to many health advantages, including enhanced immunity and digestive health and may even reduce the incidence of certain cancers.

1 cup frozen mango

Fresh or frozen, a banana will add sweetness along with potassium and fiber to your smoothie.

1 banana

Add some fiber, water and a hint of clean, classic flavor with a bit of cucumber in your smoothie.

1/2 cup cucumber

1/2 cup


Another great ingredient that will fill up the tummy without filling you up with calories.

Hemp seeds are full of protein and good fats, making them an excellent choice for a smoothie.

1 tbsp hemp seeds

For a weight loss smoothie, I recommend sticking with water or a low carb almond milk.  For this recipe, we've chosen water.

1 cup water

Top with your desired toppings. I like adding something with a crunch!

blend and enjoy!