I really live for greens!

Growing and eating greens is my passion…

It started with regular greens – kale, spinach and the like. Yeah, yeah, they’re okay I guess. But then I discovered microgreens…. they are ready to harvest in days, not weeks, have more nutrients than their older counterparts and taste delicious! I was hooked!

I have been growing greens, teaching nutrition and writing blogs for almost 13 years.

I love growing and consuming greens. I feel healthier and look better when I do, too. I decided to share my love of greens with the world and this site was born!

I have a MS in FACS with a focus in Nutrition and I have a Nutrition Science Certification in Tennessee, where I taught Food Science for 12 years.

So join us on this journey to eat healthier without breaking the bank, ensure you are getting the best nutrition possible with healthy greens, and find a new hobby in the process.

My favorite way to eat my greens is to add them to delicious smoothies, and you’ll find lots of smoothie recipes I share with my family of hubs and four boys.


You can also find me at my crochet blog and I teach blogging, too!