How to Start a Green Smoothie Habit in 2022

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Green smoothies have been around for a while, but they are making a comeback with the help of celebrities and wellness bloggers. It’s not just about drinking green smoothies anymore – these days people are keen to start a green smoothie revolution by adopting the diet in whole or in part. Here’s how to start a green smoothie habit in 2022.

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What green smoothies are and how they work

Green smoothies are an easy way to include green vegetables into your diet. They’re high in fiber, low in sugar, and packed with nutrients that green vegetables are known to be rich in. You can buy green smoothie kits that include green vegetable powders or juice them yourself.

The ingredients in green smoothies vary, but they often include leafy greens like kale, collard greens or fresh spinach, frozen or fresh fruit like mango, banana or frozen pineapple, and water or juice. You can also add supplements like protein powder, omega-3s, or probiotics to your green smoothie.

Some other popular healthy ingredients

  • chia seed
  • flax seed
  • almond milk
  • coconut milk
  • greek yogurt
  • green apple
  • cayenne pepper (just a tiny bit!)
  • nut butter such as peanut or almond butter
  • natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, stevia or even fruit juice

Green smoothies are made by blending fruits and vegetables together in a blender. You can use any fruits or vegetables you like, but it’s a good idea to stick to green leafy vegetables and other low-calorie options. This will help you lose weight while drinking green smoothies.

Why green smoothies can help you lose weight

When you drink green smoothies, you’re taking in all the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables you put in there. This means that you’re getting fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients all at once.

Fiber is essential for weight loss because it helps to regulate appetite and digestion.

Antioxidants help protect the body from free radicals, which can damage cells and lead to weight gain.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for keeping the body functioning properly, and phytonutrients offer a range of health benefits.

If you swap out a high calorie meal for a green smoothie, you’ll find that it’s easier to lose weight. You also will feel great getting the nutrients your body needs.

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How green smoothies can help with digestive issues

One of the main benefits of green smoothies is that they can help with digestive issues. The fiber in green smoothies helps to keep the digestive system moving, while the antioxidants and vitamins help to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Drinking green smoothies can also help to reduce bloating, constipation, and gas, although it may feel like the opposite at first as your body adjusts to the new amount of fiber. Be sure to drink plenty of water when adding fiber of any kind to your diet.

Other health benefits of green smoothies

Green smoothies are green because they are made with green vegetables like spinach, kale, green apples and green pepper to name a few. The green vegetables provide antioxidants that fight against free radicals in the body. The added fruits provide ample vitamins like Vitamin C while the greens provide Vitamin K, both of which are essential to the body.

The green color of green vegetables comes from chlorophyll which helps detoxify the liver. You also get a ton of minerals in these amazing plant foods.

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How to Start a Green Smoothie Habit

So now you know how good green smoothies can be for your health, so how do you start this healthy habit?

The best way to do this is by replacing one meal a day with a green smoothie. For me the easiest way to do this was breakfast. I would get as many of the ingredients as possible into my blender the night before and put the frozen items (frozen fruit, etc) in a zip top bag in the freezer so that all I had to do was dump and blend.

You can take a green smoothie challenge (there are many great ones out there and ours is coming soon!). Get the smoothie ingredients ready so that it reduces your time in the mornings and you can get out the door fast.

There are so many smoothie recipes out there that you are bound to find one you like. I like my smoothie creamy, so I love ones that use milk (can be nondairy or cow’s milk), but if I’m watching my carbs I’ll use water.

This is such a great way to start healthy eating and get more raw food in your diet!

Green Smoothie Recipes to try out!

Try our favorite smoothie recipes.

Watermelon Spinach Green Smoothie Recipe

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Tropical Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe

Where to buy a blender for green smoothies

There are a few different places you can buy blenders for leafy green smoothies. You can buy them at department stores, like Walmart or Target, or you can buy them at specialty stores that sell kitchen appliances. You can also buy them online from websites like Amazon or Ebay.

I use a personal blender for my own green smoothies. It’s perfect for making just one or two servings, and you can get them relatively inexpensively.

I started off with just a very inexpensive personal blender from Walmart, and while it doesn’t blend as smoothly as I like, it did the job for a long time! I also loved that all you had to do was change out the top and you had a to-go cup, too.

Here is the one I started with:

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies with 14 Oz Travel Cup and Lid, Black (51101AV)
  • BLEND AND GO: Blend fruit smoothies, shakes and your favorite icy drinks right in the 14 oz. BPA-free travel jar, then grab it and go. The blender jar comes with a travel lid to double as a go-cup. It's portable, lightweight and fits most car cup holders.
  • POWERFUL BLENDING PERFORMANCE: Durable stainless steel blades on the portable blender power through ice, frozen fruits and leafy greens for smooth results. Perfect for adding more vitamins and nutrients into your diet in smoothies and protein shakes.
  • QUICK & EASY CLEANUP: The blending jar, blades and travel lid on this Hamilton Beach blender are all dishwasher safe so cleaning up is a breeze.
  • COMPACT DESIGN FITS MOST CUP HOLDERS: The small size of the personal blender makes it perfect for the home, office, travel, small dorms and apartments.
  • EASY ONE-TOUCH BLENDING. Quickly prepare a variety of icy drinks by just pressing the button. It's so easy. This is sure to be your go-to blender for shakes and smoothies.

Eventually I wore mine out (it took a long time, so it was an excellent investment!) and I upgraded to a far more powerful NutriBullet. Here is the one I use now:

nutribullet Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen Blending, 24 Ounces, 600 Watt, Gray, (NBR-0601)
  • The NutriBullet is the fastest, easiest solution for making nutrient- packed smoothies. Load it up with your favorite whole foods like nuts, berries and spinach, then push, twist and blend your way to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Powerful 600-watt motor and refined nutrient-extraction blades blend whole foods into liquid fuel for your body - in seconds.
  • (1) 600W motor base, (1) Extractor blade, (1) 24 oz cup, (1) to-go lid, (1) lip ring and recipe book
  • Powerful stainless steel Extractor blades use Cyclonic action to break down tough ingredients. High-performance, BPA-free plastic cups are long lasting and Durable
  • Hassle-free cleaning - simply twist off the blade, rinse with soap and water, and put the cups in the top rack of the dishwasher. This item comes with a 1 year Limited .

If I’m looking for larger servings to feed my whole family (we have four boys under 13!), then I have to either reuse the personal blender or use a large one. I finally opted for a larger blender for them. They really enjoy smoothie bowls, so this mixer handles the thicker mixture with ease.

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 48 oz. Container, Black
  • Variable Speed Control: Ten variable speeds allow you to refine every texture with culinary precision, from the smoothest purées to the heartiest soups
  • Pulse Feature: Layer coarse chops over smooth purées for heartier recipes, such as chunky salsas or thick vegetable soups.
  • The 48-ounce container is ideal for blending medium batches for small family meals. Cutting blades measuring 3-inch diameter to ensure a consistent blend every time. Electrical Ratings-120 V
  • Hardened Stainless-Steel Blades: Our aircraft-grade stainless steel blades are designed to handle the toughest ingredients, so from the first blend to the last, you get the same quality results. Cord length: 4.5 feet
  • Self-Cleaning: With a drop of dish soap and warm water, your Vitamix machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds. What's in the Box: motor base, 48 oz. container, mini-tamper, cookbook

I hope this post inspires you to start a green smoothie habit today. They are totally life-changing! My green smoothie habit started when I was pregnant with son #3 and had gestational diabetes. I watched my blood sugar like a hawk and started drinking a green smoothie every day. It really helped keep my blood sugar down AND I only gained 15 lbs that pregancy (I was a bit overweight and this was a healthy gain, per my doctor).

Start your green smoothie habit today!

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