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Guide to Egg White Protein Shakes

Are egg whites good in a protein shake? Egg whites are wonderful in a protein shake! Eggs are easy to digest and a wonderful source of protein, making them ideal for smoothies and shakes. Egg whites in particular are low in cholesterol and calories, and they make your shake very smooth.

Is it OK to Put Raw Eggs in a Protein Shake? Consuming raw eggs is fine, as long as they are pasteurized to kill salmonella. Chickens naturall have salmonella in their bodies, and it is often found in eggs. Usually the amount is not enough to be harmful, but sometimes eggs can make you sick if they aren’t cooked.

Is Egg White Protein Good for Weight Loss?

They are an excellent source of protein, but are also low in calories, fat and cholesterol, so use egg whites as much as you like in your weight loss journey.

Blueberry Shake

Use liquid egg whites to make this delicious blueberry egg white protein shake

Strawberry Banana

Use fruit, nondairy milk. liquid egg whites and honey to make this delicious protein shake

Chocolate Mint

Use egg white protein powder to make this delicious chocolate mint egg white protein shake.

Vanilla Chia Seed

Combine the flavors of vanilla with chia seeds and some egg white protein powder for a decadent and healthy shake

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